Our Firm, founded in 1965, produces and sells electrical and pneumatics footswitches and remote controls for machine tools. Our wide range of products splits in several footswitches and remote controls implementations built in both aluminum and shockproof thermoplastics. Our technical solutions and the continuous update of our products made us, in more than 50 years of activity, a benchmark in our field. Every products we make complies to “CE” standards.

Our Services

  1. Consulting

    We offer consultancy for the right choice, giving you the best product that compels to the requested application.

  2. Customization

    Custom implementations that best fits your needs.

  3. Samples

    We offer samples on demand.

  4. Tests and trials

    We test every piece we made. Every single one.

Our Vision

Production and engineering of our footswitches and remote controls with materials and components that comply to health care existing rules (REACH – ROHS).

Continuous commitment to maintain the best quality standards and to deliver the best updated product and service.


Brief History of Our Company


Founding of our Firm operating in the field of industrial electrical panels


Production of our first aluminum footswitches and our first remote controls


Production of our new thermoplastic footswitch


Moving to our current site in Sesto San Giovanni


Broadening of our business to European and worldwide market


Production of our new remote control and of additional aluminum and thermoplastic footswitches


Enlargement of our productive site in Sesto San Giovanni


Production of our new PCR aluminum footswitch and of our new PCI thermoplastic footswitch