PC 1/4 5ways Pneumatic Footswitches

Pneumatic footswitches with and without protection.

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Main features

  • Material: polypropylene
  • With housing: PC1/4 5ways series.
    Without housing:
    PS1/4 5ways series.
  • Color: black base. Yellow, grey RAL 7035, orange housing.
  • Weight:
    Footswitch with housing: Kg 0.750
    Footswitch without housing: Kg 0.690
  • Sizes Footswitch with housing: mm 234x150x158.
    Footswitch without housing: mm 234x150x62.
  • Protection degree: IP54




  • Double / triple footswitches on thermoplastic or iron plate.
  • Safety lever.
  • Device to maintain lever in lowered position.


Pneumatic valve

  • Anodized aluminum 5ways valve
  • Connections: G 1/4″
  • PE: 2.5 – 10 bar
  • Working temperature: -25°C to +70°C


On order, please specify the following features:

  • Footswitch with or without housing.
  • Footswitch combination (single, double, triple, etc.).
  • Device to maintain lever in lowered position or safety lever.